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Christopher Littlewood is a photographic artist and curator based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rooted in a non-narrative documentary tradition, his work centres around observations of the built environment and expressions of material culture. Together with improvised still-lifes sourced from found or constructed objects, his projects are often hybrid in nature - combining observational with sculptural modes of practice. At its core, Christopher’s practice explores the fundamental idea that architecture – or how architecture is inhabited and adapted – profoundly influences how culture is expressed and experienced. Moreover, he understands architectural photography to be in direct dialogue with the cultural value of buildings and their locales.

Examples of recent works include Swahili Morphology – a body of photographic and sculptural work produced in Kenya and Tanzania, which celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the East African littoral, making connections between post-independence modernism and pre-colonial precedents; Dwelling in Madagascar, which portrays the everyday spaces of the communities living precariously alongside the island nation's most exploited environments; and Organised Island, produced on the former slave-trading islands of northern Mozambique, which looks at the relationship between colonial infrastructure and vernacular building traditions.

Born in Hong Kong

BA (hons) Photography,
London College of Communication

Roof Unit Photographic Studio,

Flowers Gallery, London,
Photography Director 

Architectural Association Visiting School,
Unknown Fields, Madagascar

Architectural Association Visiting School,
Las Pozas, Mexico

Relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa

Saba Artist Residency,
Lamu Island, Kenya

Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg,
Visual Culture Trainer

Edward Burtynsky Studio,
Africa consultant

Robert Morat Galerie, Art fair consultant


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